Our Story.

DCS Global was founded in Canada almost a quarter-century ago. Initially, we focused on supporting custodial auditing, RFPs, and daylight cleaning conversions for commercial buildings. Over time, we have expanded and enhanced our services to address the full scope of facilities maintenance and custodial services consulting and advisory needs. Our team is widely recognized as some of the best specialists in the field, serving organizations of all sizes across North America.

We have built a strong reputation for helping building owners and managers across different industry sectors improve their facilities maintenance service delivery. We accomplish that by reviewing, incorporating, auditing, and certifying best practice solutions.

Our customers include some of the highest profile venues in North America. They trust DCS Global to help them improve systems and efficiency in providing clean, healthy, safe, and welcoming environments.

In 2020, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, our DCS Global team developed Clean + Safe©, a unique workplace hygiene program to help ensure premises are hygienically, not just visually, clean. Clean + Safe© works with your existing contracts and helps fully integrate prevention accreditations, like GBAC Star™ and Fitwell™, into current facility operations.

Like our facilities maintenance needs assessments, RFP services, or current janitorial service provider contract analysis, the DCS Clean + Safe© program is designed to add real, measurable value to your ESG commitments, performance, and metrics. Connect with DCS Global for facilities maintenance consulting that drives results.

Our Mission

We help clients identify and improve their facilities maintenance needs.

At DCS Global U.S. we support organizations across a wide range of industries and business sectors to achieve cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly facilities. Our team of specialized professionals is here to help improve your building’s Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

We do that by providing data-driven assessments and reviews, in-depth audits, detailed custom plans, expert RFP support, and ongoing quality assurance monitoring. Whatever your specific cleaning program needs, DCS Global can help you address them quickly, efficiently, and within budget.

Trusted by all kinds of organizations across North America:

Core Values.

At DCS Global our values guide our business and our team. They impact how we connect with our clients, partners, and stakeholders. They are who we are. So, you can always count on us.


Develop expertise to serve clients.


Stick with each project, start to finish.


Do the right things, transparently.


Strive for continuous improvement.

Meet Our Leads.

Clarence’s extensive background in facilities management is built on a Masters in construction management from Michigan State, where he also studied facilities management and urban renewal planning. Following extensive work across the private sector, he served as Chief Facilities Officer for the third largest school district in the nation.

Clarence Carson, CCA, CCP

Senior Vice President, DCS Global USA

Randy has devoted his career to improving commercial cleaning strategy and practice. Following senior executive roles with international janitorial contractors, he went “beyond the bid,” delving into all the aspects of a complex industry. Having championed integrated facilities management and day cleaning conversion, he was one of the first to identify the importance of cleaning for health.

Randy Burke

Founder & CEO, DCS Global

Chicago, IL

USA Head Office

4131 S State Street
Suite C
Chicago, IL 60609


Toronto, Canada

Global Corporate Office

401 Bay Street
Suite 1608
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4


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