We have a facilities maintenance contract and/or an in-house team. Why do we need consultants?

There are many reasons to hire consultants for your janitorial and facilities needs. DCS Global always brings you fresh eyes and independent perspective, along with three decades of cost-effective, scalable custodial services expertise. We provide industry best practices and quality assurance using data. As project-focused external consultants, we bring you tailored resources to help achieve your specific facilities maintenance goals.

There are a lot of consulting services and accreditations out there. Why should we talk to DCS Global?

At DCS Global we know every sector or industry and operation is different. We also have the background and independent expertise to help with your unique cleaning needs and maintenance challenges, from education and offices to retail and hospitality. That’s why the services and recommendations we offer are first tailored to your industry, and then customized to meet your specific facility goals. When you partner with DCS Global, you can be confident your facility is clean and safe.

How can DCS help us make our facilities safer?

At DCS Global, we believe knowledge is power. We all know the way to prevent infection spread is practicing effective cleaning and disinfection practices. In commercial cleaning, we call them the three Ps: protocols, procedures, and products. We make certain your team or third-party contractors are taking the best steps, consistently, and with the best frequency. From needs assessments to ongoing monitoring, we provide exactly what you need.

How do I show my employees and customers that we continue to provide a clean, healthy environment?

Three effective ways you can demonstrate ongoing duty of care are: audits with testing; a range of independent, professional certifications like GBAC Star and LEED, and communication of your ongoing commitment to stakeholders. DCS Global can assist you with all three. Whether you need an integrated plan or support in a specific area, we are here to help you maintain and demonstrate a clean healthy environment with all the independent proof you need.

Can you help with our compliance concerns?

Our independent consultancy and professional, trained auditors will help ensure your facility meets or exceeds CDC, EPA, OSHA and other agency and government regulations and guidelines. Working with DCS Global lowers your risk of non-compliance impacts, accidents, and lawsuits. We are also subject matter experts in the environmental component of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). DCS Global can provide data to support your organization’s commitment to and progress on sustainability.

What exactly is ATP testing and how is it useful?

ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is a molecule that only exists in living cells. By measuring ATP’s bioluminescence, you measure the amount of biogical matter in a specific area and scientifically determine the effectiveness of cleaning. ATP testing can discover where bacteria and mold are growing before there is any evidence that is visible to the human eye or a visual audit.

Why is ATP testing an important part of cleanliness?

As the world re-opens from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies need current, implemented plans and an arsenal of tools to ensure their premises and employees are safe from viruses. Hygiene audits with ATP testing are one method DCS Global uses to provide accurate, valuable data that allows facilities to actively monitor cleaning standards, educate their custodial team, and foster user confidence.

Need a customized solution?

DCS Global specializes in facilities maintenance consulting services tailored to your industry and needs. We are known for increasing quality and sustainability while managing cost, across large and small portfolios.

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